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Women’s Perspectives #5: What Would You Do? Creative Ideas for Difficult Times

These collections showcase writings by adult basic education and literacy students in the U.S. and Canada.
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Published in 2010

wp5 cover smIn the call for writings, student writers were encouraged to reflect and to write on the broad diversity of issues related to women and their experiences with visioning a different world. They were asked to consider questions such as these:

  • What would a “better world” look like to you? What would you do to make this happen? How do women leaders change the world?
  • What are the most pressing issues affecting women today? And what would you do to address one or many of these issues?
  • In a position of authority or as a decision-maker, what would you do to solve the big issues of the day where you live or work?

Through personal stories, poems, opinion essays, advice, or other forms of writing, students addressed issues such as literacy and education, homelessness, legal reforms, family and community violence, immigration, racism, addictions, parenting, and many other personal and social issues. These writings explore personal experiences as well as provide solutions both small and large.

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