WE LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network)

is a community promoting women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empowerment and equity for women.


 Over the years we have been able to gather listings of teachng and learning materials based around specific themes. Some of these bibliographies have appeared in our newsletter while other have been compiled for conferences or other presentations. We hope you find them useful tools.

Facilitating Conversations about Race

This bibliography on Facilitating Conversations about Race was compiled December 2014 by Stacie Evans in response to a series of events in 2014.

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Domestic Violence

This bibliogrpahy on Domestic Violence was compiled October 2014 by Stacie Evans to accompany a series of newsletter articles and opinions on Rape Culture.

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Gay Pride Month

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Issues in Adult Basic/Literacy Education
Compiled by Mev MIller, Ed.D. , June 2014 

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Journeys to the Center

Spiritual Supports for Our Teaching & Learning

In 2010, we sponsored a special pre-conference gathering of reflection and activities where we explored the connections between mind, body, and emotion. This bibliography was developed at that time.

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