WE LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network)

is a community promoting women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empowerment and equity for women.

    Introduction - Projects & Programs

    At WE LEARN, our members understand, define, and take action to create meaningful responses and proactive programming to address access and equity for women’s literacy and basic education. We focus our efforts on literacy in the broadest sense of the word. Literacy includes:

    • Basic education to gain access economic and social well-being,
    • Knowledge to achieve personal power,
    • Attention to whole person realities (body, mind, spirit, emotion) to live a healthy and full life, and the
    • Information and resources necessary to gain leadership in civic engagement and community connection.

    We consider the gender-based barriers that prevent women’s access to education. We address the learning differences and needs important to women’s success in literacy services. We understand how the gender-specific stresses on women’s lives affect women’s success and ability to progress socially, economically, and politically.

    As a result, WE LEARN provides a number of unique projects and programs that support women’s basic literacy development.


    Resources Collection – Women-Centered Literacy Materials, Curriculum Guides, Research

    Through our website, WE LEARN provides a comprehensive portal to information about women-focused literacy materials, and women-centered basic literacy curriculum resources, research, and related educational tools. Learn more...





    (Net)Working Conference and Gathering

    Since 2004, WE LEARN has regularly sponsored a (Net)Working Gathering and Conference. We call it a (Net)Working event to highlight WE LEARN's vision and commitment to create an interactive network of individuals, groups, and communities who work together. This gathering has become a primary community-building opportunity for WE LEARN members and supporters. We bring together participants from diverse communities. It provides time to:

    • Meet and be inspired by others who advocate for women's literacy,
    • Share resources and information,
    • Hear stories and great new ideas,
    • Learn more about specific issues facing women as women,
    • Network and build leadership,
    • Experience new learning and teaching strategies,
    • Explore current research,
    • Take action / Create change, and
    • Nourish woman-spirit.

    The conference also includes a Membership Meeting and the Women's Perspectives Student Writer Celebration. Learn more...



    “It is my belief from listening and observation that [our student’s] participation in an international conference like WE LEARN has contributed significantly to and forwarded her transitional step beyond the orbit of the literacy program she attends, strengthening and affirming directions she has been moving in for some time.” -- Nancy Friday, AlphaPlus Centre, Toronto, ON, 2010




    Women’s Perspectives: A Journal of Student Writing & Artwork 

    Women's Perspectives is a journal of writing and original artwork by adult learners. ALL students in literacy and basic education programs are encouraged to participate. The publication comes out annually in March and focuses on a specific theme.  Learn more...





    Training & Development

    Mev presents

    WE LEARN offers workshops on women’s literacy issues and training centered on our projects.

    Learn more...




    Student Leadership Development & Support

    WE LEARN supports student involvement and leadership. We seek and value student input and decision-making. Adult literacy and basic education learners participate on all WE LEARN committees, work teams, and the Board of Directors.

    Learn more...








    book cover

    WE LEARN develops publications based on our work and projects. Many of our members participate in creating these works. The types of material include:

    • Student writing publications
    • Training and curriculum manuals
    • Collections of essays

    These materials support reflection, instruction, and research. You can find specific titles mentioned throughout the project pages on this website. Many are also available For Purchase.




    Women Leading Through Reading

    Through Women Leading Through Reading Discussion Circles, women learners experience broader learning, fun, support, and affirmation through reading and discussion. The groups focus on issues and concerns relevant to their lives as women. This program adapts a “book club” format and encourages student leadership. Learn more...



    Portfolio of Accomplishments

    WE LEARN has achieved many successes driven by passion and volunteer dedication, commitment, and energy. See the complete listing of our accomplishments. Learn more...

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