WE LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network)

is a community promoting women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empowerment and equity for women.

    ARCHIVES - Conference Past

    (Net)Working Conference & Gathering -- Archives

    Though these gatherings have passed, we expect there will be information and conversations still useful for your current teaching and learning. These resources give you insight into our vibrant community.

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    2012: Women in Literacy: Access Technology, Build Connections, Create Networks


    2010: Community, Leadership, Activism (Comunidad, Liderazgo, Activismo)

    University of Rhode Island, Feinstein Providence Campus, Providence RI




    2009: Stronger Leadership & Literacy: Empowering Women to Action (Liderazgo y Educación Más Fuertes: Dándole poder a las Mujeres para que tomen Acción!)

    Keynote Address: Donna Jones, Adult Learner Leader



    2008: Building Alliances / Construyendo Alianzas




    2007: Threads of Experience: Creative Spaces for Women's Learning




    2006: Women & Literacy: Moving to Power and Participation




    2005: Women & Literacy: Strengthening the Web




    2004: Women, Literacy, Resources / First Inaugural WE LEARN (Net)Working Conference on Women & Literacy