WE LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network)

is a community promoting women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empowerment and equity for women.

About the WE LEARN Gathering

WE LEARN takes pride in creating a truly unique event. Here are some things you can expect if you attend a WE LEARN Conference & Gathering.

  • Women-centered learning environment;
  • Adult learners involved as presenters and speakers as well as attendees (Attendance in 2012 was 35% learners); 
  • Workshop presenters include ABE students as well as teachers and researchers;   
  • Keynote address, workshops, panels or town hall;
  • Exhibit area & Resources exchange;
  • Topics that are practical, as well as theoretical and academic; 
  • Activities that are participatory, hands-on, and/or reflective;
  • Spaces for healing, music, making art, performance and storytelling, and other "alternative" happenings;
  • Time for physical activity such as walks, exercise, or yoga;  
  • Healthy breakfast and lunch (with vegetarian options) included;
  • A sensory environment filled with colorful banners, fresh flowers, music, art, and other beauties;
  • Accessibility: , Spanish-language translation, affordable registration, and more;
  • ABE student scholarships and work-exchange for part-time teachers & university students available;
  • A friendly, welcoming, warm, and festival-like environment.