WE LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network)

is a community promoting women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empowerment and equity for women.

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    WE LEARN supports student involvement and leadership. We seek and value student input and decision-making. Adult literacy and basic education learners participate on all WE LEARN committees, work teams, and the Board of Directors.

    Students – We WANT your involvement!

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    In addition to the books and resources presented in other areas of this website, we also present additional tools to support women-centered literacy programming. In this section, we present recent articles, bibliogrpahies focused on specific themes, connections to recent academic research, and web-based presentations.

    This page features articles from some of our past newsletters as well as contributions from our members.

     Over the years we have been able to gather listings of teachng and learning materials based around specific themes. Some of these bibliographies have appeared in our newsletter while other have been compiled for conferences or other presentations. We hope you find them useful tools.

    Over the past year, WE LEARN has been co-sponsoring Webinars with NJALL (New Jersey Assocaition for Lifelon Learning).

    WE LEARN develops publications based on our work and projects. Many of our members participate in creating these works. The types of material include:

    • Student writing publications
    • Training and curriculum manuals
    • Collections of essays

    These materials support reflection, instruction, and research. You can find specific titles mentioned throughout the project pages on this website. To order these materials, please visit the "Purchase Materials" section of our website.

    Women’s Perspectives: A Journal of Writing and Art by Adult Learners
    Women's Perspectives
    showcases writing and original artwork by adult learners across all levels. All students in literacy and basic education programs are encouraged to participate. The publication comes out annually and focuses on a specific theme.

    Become a Leader! Join the Selection Committee!
    Students, teachers, and community volunteers develop the theme, create pre-writing activities, select the readings, develop the book, and organize the Celebration of Student Writing.

    • Write! Make your voice heard.
    • Read! Discover the viewpoints and experiences of adult learners.
    • Learn! Gain information about issues and concerns important to women's equity.
    • Share! Use these writings in classrooms and book groups, or give to your friends.